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$150 Mini Sessions (up to 4 people, $10 each extra person)

10 digital images & Print Release

1 outfit


(Can not be used on newborns)


$300 for family photos up to 6 people, $10 for every extra person

Studio option/Outdoor option 

25 digital images & Print Release 

1 outfit


$400 for Extended Family photos 

Must take place outdoors

30 digital images & Print Release

15 - 30 people

1 location

1 outfit



$375 High School Seniors - Mini session

20 digital images & Print Release

2 outfits

2 local locations in Weeping Water


$500 High School Seniors

35-40 digital images & Print Release 

Up to 5 outfits

Up to 5 local locations within 15 miles of Weeping Water



Boudoir Packages


60 Minute In Studio/Outdoor Photo Session

15 Digital Images & Print Release 

4 changes of clothing

Images can be viewed within 3 days




90 Minute In studio/Outdoor  Photo Session

25 Digital Images & Print Release 

5 changes of clothing

Images can be viewed within 5 days

25% off prints ordered with in 30 days






$50 travel fee further than 45 miles



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FAQ Boudoir http://michelawipfphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/faq-boudoir  

How long will my session last? That depends on the package you choose. 

Where will it be?  In my studio unless other options have been discussed. 

What do I need to bring? Heels, jewelry, bra/underwear sets, dresses that make you feel sexy, jeans, robes, blankets, wraps

Will I be completely nude? If you choose to be, I prefer to shoot boudoir that leaves much up to the imagination but I am also comfortable with photographing you completely nude if that’s what you want.

What happens if I’m extremely uncomfortable on the day of? Its completely normal to feel uncomfortable the day of but once we start shooting I’m sure you will feel better and really enjoy it.

What should I do to prepare for the session?  Make sure your nails are nicely manicured, hair and make up the way you like it. I don’t recommend spray tanning at all, most of the time it leaves blotchy marks on parts of the body you cant always see. I DO NOT EDIT OUT TAN LINES. 

What comes with the packages?  Depends on which package you choose 

Will these images be posted online or any social networks? Only if you want them to be.

Who else will have access to these images (ie editors, album designers)?  Only me and you.

Will I have the option to use props? Yes

Should I go tanning before my session? NO!


Should I be waxed before my session? Only if you’ve been waxed before and know it won’t leave your skin red and irritated.

If it helps, can I bring any alcohol? Yes as long as you don’t get completely drunk.

If I want the session to be at a hotel, who will be responsible for the charges or is it incorporated into the package amount? Client will be responsible for hotel charges. 

How do I go about securing my session? All you need to do is pay the retainer with in 48 hours of reveiving and your spot is secured! 

Can my friend come along? Yes 1 can but she may not be in any photos and I don’t allow men to watch the shoot.

How will I know how to pose?  I will pose you

How many outfit changes can I have? again that depends on the package you choose

I really don’t like “X” about me, can we shoot around it? Yes

I’m a plus size woman, is boudoir still something I should consider? Yes of course!! Women of all sizes should consider a boudoir shoot.

How long have you been shooting boudoir? 9 years

I’m doing this for my husband but I’m not comfortable with some of the poses I see online… We can find poses that you are comfortable with.

Can this session be done at my house? We can discuss that option. 

What other locations options do we have? Outdoors around Weeping Water, studio, hotel

I don’t have any ultra-sexy lingerie, what else could I wear? Wraps, tshirts, long sleeve button ups,heels, bra/underwear sets, blazers, trench coats, dress clothes, corsets

Can I incorporate my partners favorite sports team? Yes of course!

I wanted to give my partner this as a present, but don’t want loose prints, what products do you suggest?  You could create a photo book, calendar, or digital images.

In your professional opinion how long do you think need for the session?  60-90 minutes

If you do post “sneak-peaks” online on your social network site… do you have to post mine?  Only if you wanted me to

I prefer black & white images will you edit them in color and black & white?  Yes if you request this before or at the time of the shoot

Is there an extra fee for creative edits?  Yes. Each varies on the edit.

How many photos do you typically take during the session? About 150

How many photos will I receive? Depends on the package you choose 

Do you offer professional retouching (ie fat reductions, zit removal, stretch mark removal)? I do offer airbrushing of zits and stretch marks. However I do not make you look like someone you are not. I want every client to be beautiful in their own skin.

Do you use flash at your sessions? Yes

If not, what time of day would be best for the session? Mornings/evenings for outdoor shoots

Do you have any options to shoot out door? Yes several

What do your boudoir products look like? Have something in mind, please ask about it.

Do you have any samples of your boudoir sessions?  Yes

Do you have any samples of a boudoir session with a plus size woman? Yes

Can the albums you offer be customized? Yes

If we end up needing more time on the day of the session can it be added on then? It depends on the day

Do you bring an assistant with you? No

Do you offer a video option for the boudoir session? No at the moment

What type of payments do you accept? Cash, check or Credit card

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