Kath Derisson(non-registered)
Hands-down the BEST photographer ever! My boudoir shoot was so much fun and our weddibg photography is amazing! So much love for Michela!
Katey Tauer(non-registered)
I don't have any words for the amount of work and sweet dedication Michela has put in for me! I am not super comfortable in my own skin, but I seriously had so much fun doing this shoot with Michela. It was like hanging out with my best friend for an afternoon just taking pictures EVERYWHERE, because we literally went everywhere we could in Weeping Water. I am so grateful she got recommended to me because I don't think I could've been as confident with anyone else. I definitely recommend her and WILL be returning to her for another Boudoir shoot. She's the best! Thanks for everything!
Our experience was awesome! You recommended the perfect spot for our family pictures! I know it is going to be very hard for us to pick our favorites as the ones we have seen so far are fantastic! Thanks for making it special for us! I can't wait to have you take more photos!
You do AMAZING work. I appreciate how you brought out the inner strength and beauty of RILEY and her friends!
Vicky Sok(non-registered)
Love the pictures of Dayna...now the hard part! Picking the one I want. I am her Grandmother and think these pictures are amazing!
Victoria Braesch(non-registered)
Love the site. Looking forward to seeing the girls' pictures we did. Thanks so much for ALLLLLL of the amazing pictures you have taken of the girls!!! I hope 2013 brings wonderful things for you!!!
Jennifer Hopper(non-registered)
love your pictures!! They keep getting better and better every year!!
Kirstin Wilwerding(non-registered)
Your new website is amazing! You did a great job! I can't wait to see more work from you! You have came along way! It's very inspiring.
Kevin Bater(non-registered)
You did awesome setting up your new website! High Five! Proud of you!
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